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Lexis Draft

One toolkit integrating research & language review

Finalise your documents faster, combining the industry-leading research and content capabilities of Lexis Advance and Lexis Draft’s intelligent language review, all within Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Access New Zealand’s leading

research platform while

drafting your document

Utilise vast research content & powerful functionality from Lexis Advance right within Word & Outlook

Save time by quickly

validating citations in


Check cases & legislation faster by accessing the power of CaseBase® and Lexcite.

Seamless collaboration with work folders

Work folders allow you, your team and outside parties to securely collaborate on the same document

Language editing

WordRake scans your document to clean-up words and phrases for faster document review

One toolkit integrating research and editing

Finalise your documents faster, combining  the industry-leading research and content capabilities of Lexis Advance, CaseBase & LexCite with Lexis Draft's proofreading intelligence, all within Microsoft Word and Outlook.

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Language clarity & brevity with WordRake

Give your first drafts the polish of a second or third draft, quickly and painlessly. WordRake tightens, tones, and clarifies your writing. Just click the "Rake" button and watch the in-line editor ripple through your document, suggesting edits to remove clutter and improve unclear phrasing, just like a live editor.

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