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Welcome to LEX & LORE hosted by Geoff McLay!

We all know LEX is Latin for law, and LORE represents what’s interesting about the law – the gossip, the intrigue, the debates! In this podcast, you'll explore the development of the "new legal system" in New Zealand with Geoff McLay, Barrister, Professor of Law at Victoria University of Wellington and Editor of the New Zealand Law Reports, as he dissects cases and judgements with esteemed colleagues and legal experts.

EPISODE 5: A Legislative Wish

Run time: 51:29 minutes

EPISODE 4: Drive-By Surveillance | Desperately Seeking a Platform for Repugnant Opinions |
Borrowdale & the First 9 Days of Lockdown

Run time: 47:14 minutes

EPISODE 3: The Lockdown: Resurgence | A Constitutional Brouhaha

Run time: 35:53 minutes

EPISODE 2: The Big Hot Ball of Wax: Legalities of the Lockdown

Run time: 40:14 minutes

EPISODE 1: The Push-Me-Pull-You of ACC Coverage | The Safety Valve of Three-Strikes Sentencing

Run time: 41:25 minutes

Introducing: Lex & Lore

Run time: 09:54 minutes

Join host Geoff McLay and his esteemed colleagues Dr Nessa Lynch, Dr Eddie Clark and Dr Dean Knight as they discuss the cases gripping the headlines in New Zealand.


  • Invercargill High Courts case involving sentencing children for murder
  • Winston Peters' appeal regarding the "no surprises" policy in government
  • Legal culture of NZ government and governance

About the Guests


Dr Nessa Lynch is an Associate Professor at Victoria University Wellington who specialises in criminal law, New Zealand Law Reports, discretion, youth justice and police action.


Dr Eddie Clark is a Lecturer at Victoria University Wellington whose areas of interest include Judicial review, administrative law, courts and democracy/public accountability.


Dr Dean Knight is an Associate Professor at Victoria University Wellington and specialises in Constitutional law, administrative law, judicial review and local government.

About the Host


General Editor, New Zealand Law Reports

Geoff McLay practices as a barrister and is a member of the New Zealand Law Society and the New Zealand Bar Association. He served as a Law Commissioner at the New Zealand Law Commission 2010-2015…

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