Your work is constantly evolving,

your drafting tools should too.

Drafting documents is an activity that 85% of lawyers acknowledge spending more than 2 hours a day  doing*, and yet the drafting tools used by most practitioners have been unchanged for decades. At LexisNexis we understand drafting and what you need to be efficient and successful.  We have created a range of  tools to equip you with everything you'll need to save time, remove unnecessary activities and increase accuracy, consistency, and  completeness.


Through extensive research we understand there is no 'one size that fits all'.  In the same way that each matter demands a different approach, each lawyer has a different way of working. Therefore we have created a suite of drafting solutions designed to suit the different needs of you and your clients. LexisNexis Drafting Solutions allow you to build a reputation for high quality drafting no matter what the size of your firm. View our Solutions page for more information.

*Source: Drafting Research 2013

All LexisNexis Drafting Solutions have been designed with 3 values in mind


In this economic climate lawyers are increasingly being asked to do and bill more with less time and resources.


As drafting is a large, time consuming part of what you do each day, now is the time to make changes to significantly improve your overall productivity.

Find out how the innovative proofreading tools Lexis® Draft Pro can help you to eliminate ambiguity in your documents and improve your accuracy.

Sized to Fit

A solution for a firm with 200 fee earners is not going to suit a sole practitioner. We get it - different solutions are required for different legal practitioners and the way various firms use workflow, matter and document management.


LexisNexis Drafting solutions have been designed to suit different needs for different customers. With this model we've been able to design solutions that are affordable for legal practitioners across the spectrum of the legal industry.


Your reputation and success relies on you delivering consistently accurate drafting. Time and cost pressures mean lawyers are regularly failing to create documents that are as error-free as possible.


You can be exposed to liability by errors that slip through proof-reading, and out of date legislation and caselaw references in documents. LexisNexis Drafting tools help you manage this risk.

Lexis® Draft Pro builds on the success of the award winning Lexis® for Microsoft® Office. Winner of Best New Product and Product Innovation in the 2014 Australian Business Awards



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