There’s no substitute for a lawyer with a strong reputation.

Lexis Draft Pro gives you peace of mind that your documents are accurate, complete and consistent - every time.


Working with Microsoft, Nuance and world leaders in proofreading software such as Microsystems EagleEye and WordRake, LexisNexis has consolidated a range of functions into one easy to use practical toolkit.  Lexis Draft and Lexis Draft Pro give you access to a wide range of analytical and editing tools designed specifically for the legal market.

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Lexis® Draft Pro Additional Feature

  • Legal editing and proofreading

    We know it's often tough to stay on top of all the things you have to do. In a recent study more than half of practitioners admitted that skipping proofreading and checking activity occurs, due to B14time and workload pressures.


    With Lexis Draft Pro you can quickly scan your documents for errors made due to time pressure, unwanted residual information left in from repurposed documents or details missed over the course of a long negotiation.


    Lexis Draft Pro will pick up on easily missed inaccuracies such as  terms that have been used but not defined, or terms that have been defined but not used. Eliminate ambiguity from your documents and give yourself greater peace of mind.

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Did you know?

9 out of 10 lawyers surveyed believe drafting efficiency tools would increase the quality of documents and reduce legal risk*.

6 out of 10 practitioners spend more than 2 hours a day drafting documents*.

52% of practitioners admitted that skipping proofreading goes on -  due to time and workload pressure*.

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