Law of Trusts

The first major publication in New Zealand comprehensively dealing with trusts, Law of Trusts combines detailed scrutiny of trusts issues with necessary practical information for anyone setting up or administering a trust. With an emphasis on both the practical aspects of administering a trust and the more difficult legal questions involved, Law of Trusts combines the experiences of practitioners with academic insight. The text examines day-to-day issues and solutions, where helpful, and complex areas of the common law and legislation, where necessary. Easy to reference ‘Practical Advice’ sections and an extensive range of forms and precedents are provided.
Law of Trusts also contains a range of legislation relevant to Trust Law including the full text of the Trustee Act 1956, Charitable Trusts Act 1957, Charities Act 2005, Property (Relationships) Model Form of Agreement Regulations 2001, Charities (Fees, Forms, and Other Matters) Regulations 2006, and excerpts from other related legislation.

General Information
Author/sRoss Holmes, Chris Kelly, Greg Kelly, Ken Lord, and Kate Davenport QC
Ideal ForPractitioners and legal executives.
Format1-volume looseleaf, online.
Servicing3 times per year (minimum)
Author/sRoss Holmes, Chris Kelly, Greg Kelly, Ken Lord, and Kate Davenport QC
Ideal ForPractitioners and legal executives.

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