IP Law | PatentOptimizer™


  • Integrated into Microsoft® Word, Internet Explorer, Adobe® Acrobat® 8.0 and Adobe® Reader® 8.0.

  • Supports patents published on the following services: TotalPatent™, lexis.com®, and USPTO.gov.

  • Leverages unique LexisNexis content, including enhanced full-text patent information, post issuance data, federal case law and administrative rulings, Matthew Bender® Attorney’s Dictionary of Patent Claims, EI Compendex® Thesaurus, and a variety of other sources and forms, all presented in an accessible format.

  • PatentOptimizer Analytics helps you quickly key in to the granular aspects of entire patent portfolios to uncover critical data intersections, hidden trends, aggregate parts/elements nomenclature, ranked language variations and much more.

  • Patent application drafting tools that help you check your claims for proper antecedent basis possible lack of support in the disclosure, terminology for court rulings, multiple claim sets for new matter, and consistency in part labelling and numbering. Insert pre-formatted citations and hyperlinks, and automatically renumber claims and references during final editing.