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  • Access to the extensive LexisNexis® patent database, including the full text from over 30 authorities, bibliographic and abstract data from over 100 authorities including New Zealand.

  • With more than 50 million main patent families and over 85 million patent documents, TotalPatent offers access to the most comprehensive online collection of patent information in the world.

  • The new TotalPatent™ Analytics feature allows you to visualize, compare and contrast your search results.

  • LexisNexis Semantic Search is the most advanced semantic search available anywhere. It improves your search results by suggesting concepts that relate semantically to your search query. Semantic search is a feature unique to LexisNexis that allows you to review the suggested concepts, assign relative importance (weighting), eliminate concepts you don’t wish to use, or add more concepts of your own. It also provides linking to non-patent academic literature from a variety of sources, including Elsevier’s ScopusPreview.

  • Depth of search – databases are searchable both in the language of publication and in English language machine translations, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian. TotalPatent™ also allows you to search Chinese and Japanese full-text collections in English.

  • Ability to view highlighted hit terms and Key Words in Context (KWIC™).

  • Value-added PDFs – searchable, bookmarked, multi-page and compressed PDFs for ease of searching and downloading.

  • Over 300 searchable fields – the combination of unrivalled content and thorough indexing allows you to create complex or highly detailed searches.

  • Citation mapping feature that allows you to view multiple relationship sites.

  • Flexible views to help you make side-by-side comparisons.

  • Search forms to help you with critical prior-art research, patent prosecution, researching infringements, identification of licensing opportunities or R&D.

  • Download fast — with the ability to export patent data into Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, Microsoft® Word®, BizInt Smary Charts for Patents and other leading formats.