Lexis Affinity

Lexis Affinity™ is a powerful and comprehensive legal practice management solution that will improve your firm's efficiency, growth and success.

With Lexis Affinity and its integrated framework, your legal practice can obtain a complete end-to-end business system, saving you time and reducing risk through automated documentation and workflows.

"Lexis Affinity took our internal systems to a completely new level. One of the most important changes was that it brought client and matter data to the fingertips of our lawyers. The interface is user friendly and empowers them to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for"
Miriam Bryce,
McKays Solicitors

The ongoing enhancements of Lexis Affinity legal software reflect ongoing feedback and guidance direct from our customers, to help improve productivity and profitability for your legal practice.

Lexis Affinity 4.0 Enhancements

      • Improve efficiency by automatically generating bills, collection letters and account rendered statements to PDF and email.
      • Enhanced fee sheet, allowing fee earners to easily and instantly track how they are performing for the current day, week, month or year.
      • Compare different versions of word documents whilst within Affinity and reduce risk of errors or malicious modifications to documents remaining undetected.
      • Set a precedent to automatically merge into Outlook rather than Word and improve consistency and efficiency by automating standard emails.
      • Lexis Clause Library makes it easier to manage standard firm-wide clauses and reduces the risk of outdated, unapproved or incorrect information finding its way into drafted documents.