Lexis Affinity


Specialist Functionality   Why Do I Need This?   How Will This Benefit My Firm?
Single, Integrated Practice Management System   Integration of a simple platform with research, precedents, accounting, time management, document production and process management and support arrangements.   Streamlines workflow with online research, billing, accounting and time tracking capabilities that increase productivity and profitability. A single-supplier for your research, practice management and workflow needs.
Integrates with your Research Services   Seamless access to LexisNexis NZ Online research to help you zero in on up-to-date critical information.   Allows easy tracking of research time and faster billing of related work.
User-Friendly Interface   Highly secure and user friendly interface, meeting billing and trust accounting requirements for legal professionals.   Ease-of-use, faster training and lower cost.
Precedents Enablement   You have the ability to maintain, and create your own forms and precedents.   Advanced precedent technology reduces your administration workload and enables you to get on with more billable activities.



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