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You need access to current and trusted legal information
so you can make great decisions wherever and whenever demanded.

LexisNexis understands that the world of the legal professional is rapidly changing. New mobile technologies, tablet devices and unprecedented connectivity are fundamentally altering day-to-day workflow. These technologies are providing a range of new opportunities for improved legal research, referencing and collaboration tools and productivity applications, shaping the future of legal research.

With this in mind, we bring you Lexis Red, a portable digital referencing tool for your looseleaf titles. Developed in close consultation with practitioners from across the profession, Lexis Red updates automatically when you are online and allows you to carry and refer to your looseleaf content on the go.

Lexis Red titles are also available via the Lexis Red Digital Library allowing subscribed titles to be loaned out to multiple users. Built with the busy law practice in mind, Lexis Red Digital Library enables you to provide access to a wider range of titles to a larger group of people in a cost effective manner. With Lexis Red Digital Library you can increase the availability of titles and save money on courier costs and shelf-space by using the digital distribution capacity of Lexis Red Digital Library.

Our Lexis Red Digital Library allows your firm to manage Lexis Red subscriptions for both single user subscriptions and loans all from one convenient and simple to use interface. Contact us now or visit the Features and Benefits page to learn more about how Lexis Red Digital Library can help you work more efficiently, wherever you are.

Lexis Red® Digital Library for Lexis Red titles
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Access a broader range of titles through Lexis Red® Digital Library1. Borrow titles only when you need them, ensuring you always have the most relevant information at your fingertips.


24/7 access to your firm's library1. Borrow, request and return titles by logging onto the web portal at any time of the day.


With Lexis Red you can effortlessly carry your looseleaf library from your office to your home, to the courtroom, wherever you need to go, on portable devices such as your iPad or laptop.


Lexis Red's convenient offline access means that you can view your looseleaf titles in a digital format wherever you are, without having to depend on an internet connection to carry out your legal research.


Save time spent leafing through papers and manually updating your looseleaf content. Lexis Red ensures your looseleaf titles are updated automatically via our content delivery system as soon as you go online so you can be confident your looseleaf content is up-to-date.


Lexis Red regularly updates content and saves your annotations to our server (the Cloud) giving you the confidence that you are providing clients with the most up-to-date legal knowledge and information available.


Lexis Red allows you to quickly and effortlessly annotate sections, highlight text and search the content, all from your iPad, laptop, MacBook, Windows PC and Android tablet.

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1 Lexis Red® Digital Library is available if your firm has,
subscribed to the loan subscription account type.

Available RedBook titles of your favourite text titles®

A great range of your favourite text titles are available on Lexis Red as Red Books. This allow you to carry and reference your text titles on a broad range of devices (including your iPad, laptop, PC, Macbook and Android devices), with the ability to highlight and annotate the text.

  • • A Practical Guide to Criminal Procedure in New Zealand 2013
    • A Practitioner’s Guide to the Property Law Act 2007 2ed 2015 (book)
    • Accident Compensation Act: Key Sections and Commentary 2014
    • Balancing Work and Life: A Practical Guide for Lawyers 2015
    • Burrows and Carter Statute Law in New Zealand 5ed 2015
    • Burrows and Cheer Media Law in New Zealand 7ed 2015
    • Climate Change: Law and Policy in New Zealand 2011
    • Consumer Law in New Zealand 2ed 2014
    • Company Law in New Zealand 2ed 2016
    • Directors' Powers & Duties 2ed 2015
    • Fair Trading: Misleading or Deceptive Conduct 2ed 2013
    • Financial Advisers' Handbook 2011
    • Financial Markets Conduct Regulation: A Practitioner's Guide 2014
    • Garrow and Fenton's Law of Personal Property in New Zealand 2010 7ed - Vol 1
    • Garrow and Fenton's Law of Personal Property in New Zealand 2010 7ed - Vol 2
    • Garrow and Kelly Law of Trusts and Trustees 7ed 2013
    • Guide to Competition Law 2013
    • Health and Safety at Work Act: A Practical Guide 2016 (book)
    • Immigration & Refugee Law 2ed 2014
    • Intellectual Property in New Zealand, 2ed 2011
    • internet.law.nz: selected issues 4ed revised 2016 (book)
    • Insurance Claims in New Zealand 2015
    • Judicial Review: A New Zealand Perspective 3ed 2014
    • Law of Contract in New Zealand 5ed 2016

  • • Law of Family Protection and Testamentary Promises 4ed 2013
    • Law of Societies in NZ 3ed 2013
    • LinkedIn for Lawyers: Connect, Engage and Grow Your Business 2ed 2015
    • LinkedIn for Accountants: Connect, Engage and Grow Your Business 2015
    • Litigation Skills: A Practical Guide to Sentencing 2016 (book)
    • Mediation Skills & Strategies 2015
    • Nevill's Will Drafting Handbook 7ed 2015
    • Nevill's Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration 12ed 2016 (book)
    • Nevill's Trusts Drafting Handbook 2ed 2016 (book)
    • Patent Law and Policy 2016 (book)
    • Personal Property Securities Act: Concepts in Practice 4ed 2016 (book)
    • Private Receivers of Companies in New Zealand 3ed 2008
    • Proceeds of Crime Law in New Zealand 2015
    • Public Law Toolbox 2ed 2014
    • Residential Tenancies: The Law and Practice 4ed 2012
    • The Law and Practice of Charities 2013
    • The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act: A Commentary 2ed 2015
    • The New Zealand Supreme Court: The First Ten Years 2015 (book)
    • Transforming Auckland: Creation of Auckland Council 2014
    • Tyree's Banking Law in New Zealand 3ed 2013
    • Unit Titles Law and Practice 2ed 2015
    • Wells' Limited Partnerships Handbook 2008
    • Williams & Kawharu on Arbitration 2011



  • Case Study: Norris Ward McKinnon

    LexisNexis joined forces with NWM and supplied the team with the latest iPad tablets, loaded with ebooks and digital looseleaf publications, to test how technology can help.

  • Whitepaper: Re-thinking technology in the law firm

    For legal firms technology is often perceived as something to which the individual or organisation must adapt. This whitepaper proposes an alternative view - that technology should be viewed as a trusted partner that can help adapt to the changes facing contemporary legal firms.

  • Off to court? Take a tablet - BRW Magazine

    The NSW police force has equipped its 280 in-court prosecutors with Lexis Red. "It's a significant saving for a government legal department," Inspector Brendan Searson says. "It gives the prosecutors immediate access to critical resources that are up to date and is an efficient and sustainable solution."

  • NSW arms police prosecutors with iPads

    The NSW Police Force has deployed 280 iPads equipped with a law resources app to its in-court police prosecutors. The tablet, and accompanying LexisNexis-built app, will replace 6.8kg of paper previously required in court for legal research and referencing.

  • Police force equips its prosecutors with iPads

    A new legal research application, Lexis Red, is being used by each prosecutor in an attempt to streamline and improve the efficiency of the Australian state's justice system. Rather than head to court with heavy legal books on a daily basis, each iPad weighs roughly 600g - and the idea is an iPad will allow access to legal referencing material in a more effective manner.

  • NSW Police provides iPads to prosecutors

    The NSW Police Force has issued all of its 280 in-court prosecutors with Apple iPads, to facilitate the use of a new legal research app, Lexis Red.
    State prosecutors deal with 95 per cent of criminal and related prosecutions within local courts and provide around-the-clock legal advice to the police force.

  • The mobile lawyer - knowledge gathering in a connected world

    What will the life of a lawyer look like in the future? How will the knowledge gathering & sharing process change? What impact will mobile technology and social media have on the legal profession? LexisNexis Pacific Head of Product Strategy, Frank McKenna, examines the opportunities ahead in 'The Mobile Lawyer: Knowledge Gathering in a Connected World', published in the May issue of the Law Society of South Australia Bulletin.

  • The eBook Revolution

    Meet the technologies that are lightening the load for lawyers and changing the way they work with the click of a button, in this article, 'The eBook Revolution' from the July issue of the LIV's Law Institute Journal.

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