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Advanced Search Technology

Our advanced search technology has been designed in cooperation with legal professionals to deliver quick access to relevant information when you need it most. LexisNexis® NZ allows you to:

  • search across all subscribed sources within a particular content type e.g. all subscribed cases in one go
  • perform common research tasks directly from the homepage
  • choose how your search results are sorted e.g. view the most recent case first
  • group your results by categories such as source or court
  • view more text on screen at a time
  • quickly access recent and saved searches, publications and documents.

Practice Area Pages

You said it would be an enormous benefit to have immediate access to the publications focussed on your particular area of practice. That’s why we’ve developed the Practice Area pages. Now you can quickly:

  • locate specific information such as cases or precedents using Common tasks
  • run a keyword search across all your relevant sources using the search form
  • follow links to the latest material
  • click through to important legislation
  • click through to external web sites such as relevant government departments

Practice Areas are currently available for Commercial, Criminal, Employment and Family Law, Companies, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Property/Conveyancing and Wills & Estates.

Changes to Navigation

  • Return to your start page with one click
  • Critical buttons have been separated and are more distinctive (refer to Navigation quick card for a detailed description)

Homepage Reoganised

  • Start searching as soon as you sign in
  • Set a Project ID to track your research
  • New Practice Areas tab