Butterworths Student Companion: Evidence

Title: Butterworths Student Companion: Evidence
Author/s: Brenda Midson
ISBN: 9780408716406
Price: $42.32 excl. GST and Freight & Handling
Brief Synopsis: Butterworths Student Companion: Evidence contains summaries of the leading New Zealand and international decisions that have shaped this area of law.
This book is an invaluable tool for students designed for use in conjunction with lecture notes and existing text materials.
Publishing Date: 05/03/2003
Format: Soft cover

The Evidence Code

Title: The Evidence Code
Author/s: LexisNexis – Butterworths Legislation Series
ISBN: 9780408718813
Price: $34.38 excl. GST and Freight & Handling
Brief Synopsis: The law of evidence in New Zealand is, by and large, judge-made common law drawn in response to particular decisions and facts. The new Evidence Act brings together statutory provisions and common law into one comprehensive scheme or code. Based on the work of the Law Commission, this codification represents years of research and consultation. The book contains a useful introduction and discussion on the Evidence Act 2006 in comparison with its predecessor (the Evidence Act 1908). The Evidence Act 1908 is one of the last of those initial pieces of legislation to undergo modern reforming and revolutionary change in New Zealand.
Publishing Date: 14/11/2007
Format: Soft cover


Title: Evidence
Author/s: Chris Gallavin
ISBN: 9780408718820
Price: $93.72 excl. GST and Freight & Handling
Brief Synopsis: The effective operation of all courts and tribunals within the common law world relies on a principled and effective law of evidence. Despite its everyday utility the law of evidence has been the subject of misunderstanding, ad hoc development and a formulisation that has often resulted in the unprincipled application of the law. This, in turn, has given rise to injustice when, on occasion, clearly relevant and probative evidence is deemed inadmissible. With the enactment of the Evidence Act 2006 an attempt to reconnect the norms of the law of evidence with principle and public policy has occurred in New Zealand law. This new title, Evidence, in part, addresses the extent to which this realignment of the law will assist the judiciary in balancing logic and reason with the more abstract notions of justice, fairness and the rights of the individual and the community. Dr Chris Gallavin breaks down the law of evidence into easily understood chapter topics:
Relevance, Admissibility, Weight, and Judicial Exclusion
  • Burden and Standard of Proof
  • Trial Procedure
  • Hearsay Evidence
  • Opinion Evidence and Expert Testimony
  • Evidence of Veracity and Propensity
  • Evidence of Identification
  • The Law of Privilege
  • Corroboration
Each topic is thoroughly investigated with the following questions in mind:
  • What is the principle upon which each rule has developed?
  • How has this concept arisen?
  • How did this area of law operate under the Evidence Act 1908?
  • How will this likely to change under the Evidence Act 2006?
  • How has case law developed the law in this area and what influence will it have in the future?
Publishing Date: 30/06/2008
Format: Soft cover

Cross on Evidence

Title: Cross on Evidence
Author/s: Dr Donald Mathieson QC, Grant Burston, Bernard Robertson
Format: 1-volume looseleaf, online, part of Criminal Collection CD-Rom
Servicing: Four times per year
Synopsis: The most substantial and authoritative exposition on the law of evidence in New Zealand. Recently updated to cover the new Evidence Act 2006. Written by experienced practitioners with a strong academic focus, Cross on Evidence contains clear and concise commentary on complex issues of evidence law.
It has long been part of the Cross ethos to bring out the policy elements of the law, to underline the importance of considering the purpose which an item of evidence will serve when considering its admissibility in a doubtful case, and to criticise the existing law and suggest reform possibilities. Dr Mathieson gives prominence to the leading cases decided by the Court of Appeal and refers to many decisions, both reported and unreported.
Ideal for: Legal practitioners, law libraries and barristers.
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