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The choice to work within a small practice, or to strike out on your own, is one that comes with many benefits. You can drive your own career by branching out or specialising in a niche area. You can shape your practice to serve the clients you want to work with, and the way you want to work with them. You can focus on providing quality advice and quality service, building longstanding relationships with generations of clients.

How we can help you?

Small and Sole practice law firms make up the vast majority of the legal industry in New Zealand and is a diverse and varied part of our legal culture. Lexis for Small and Sole Practice is here to support you with our wide array of trusted legal resources, tailored to meet the needs of firms of all types and all sizes.

Take a look at our collection of insightful articles, tips for working with our online resources and to meet the team of local LexisNexis® professionals who will work with you throughout your time with us.

Resources for Small and Sole Practice

Discover time-saving tools and expert practical guidance that help you grow while delivering an added value to clients.

Research and guidance

Your reputation as a sole practioner stands on the strength of your legal advice which is why it becomes critical to use the right legal research tools to conduct thorough legal analysis, answer your client’s questions and increase productivity.

Quickly draft standard documents

One toolkit integrating research, editing & proofreading. Finalise your documents faster, combining the industry-leading research and content capabilities of Lexis Advance, CaseBase® & LexCite with Lexis Draft's proofreading intelligence, all within Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Deliver more services to existing clients

Bridge the gap between understanding the law, and applying it. Get the answers you need, quickly and easily, and find out how the law is actually applied in practice. Tap into the experience of leading legal minds across a range of legal practice areas with Lexis® Practical Guidance.  Simplify the legal process with instant clarification on points of law, and take action.