Issue 518 | 7 March 2022
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Friday, 11th of March at 11am 

This session will look at how Practical Guidance operates as a standalone module and as a partner to the research you may run on Lexis Advance. In Practical Guidance, you can find guidance written by experts in different areas of law that lead you to the relevant cases and legislation, forms, checklists and precedents as well as extracts from the key text Lexis publishes in that area. Focus on understanding the use and benefits of Practical Guidance modules for your everyday research.
Duration: 45 min

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Monday, 14th of March at 12pm 

Become more skilled and efficient in your research. Join this session to examine methods of conducting searches on Advance, from understanding the algorithm that runs behind the scenes, to applying advanced filters to generate effective results. Learn to set up alerts and folders, share documents, and customise your publications pod and favourites to ensure that the platform is working efficiently for your research needs. 
Duration: 60 min

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Friday, 25th of March at 10am   

Have a look under the hood to get more understanding of how CaseBase and LexCite work on Lexis Advance. Understand the sources they draw their information from and how they can aid your legal research and save you time. Duration: 60 min

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Morison’s Company and Securities law

Service 203 is now available online.

The following commentary has been reviewed and updated: Takeovers, Personal Property Securities, and Security Interests Creation/Priority. Significant legislative updates to Overseas Investment Regulations 2005, Personal Property Securities Act 1999, and Anti Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism legislation.
Morison's Company Law
Morison's Securities Law
Company and Securities Law Bulletin

Issue 1 of 2022 is now available online.

This issue provides headnotes for the following cases: Parkinson v O’Brien (obh of General Dynamics Corp Ltd) [2021] NZCA 309, Shabor Ltd v Graham [2021] NZCA 448, Commerce Commission v Specialised Container Services (Christchurch) Ltd [2021] NZHC 2279.
Peter Watts

RRP*incl GST: $200.00
ISBN: 9781988546841 (book)                                  
ISBN: 9781988546858 (ebook)                            
Publication date: 27 December 2021
Stephen Todd & Matthew Barber

RRP*incl GST: $200.00 $180.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546704 (book)                                  
ISBN: 9781988546711 (ebook)
Publication date: April 2022
Hall’s Sentencing
Service 182 is now available online.

Various legislation has been amended by the Secondary Legislation Act 2021 and Sexual Violence Legislation Act 2021. Commentary has been updated for Introduction: Principles of Sentencing, Criminal Procedure Act 2011, Parole Act 2002, Child Protection (Child Sex Offender Government Agency Registration) Act 2016, Sentencing Levels, and Appendix VI. 
Julia Tomie, Kris Gledhill, Fleur Te Aho & Khylee Quince

RRP*incl GST: $175.00
ISBN: 9781927248225 (book)                                  
ISBN: 9781927248553 (ebook)                            
Publication date: 31 January 2022
Gordon Anderson & Dawn Duncan                     

RRP*incl GST: $150.00
ISBN: 9781988546582 (book)                            
ISBN: 9781988546599 (ebook)                          
Publication date: 17 December 2021
Practical Guidance: Family

Latest legal update
Court document process risking family violence victims’ privacy
New Zealand Intellectual Property Journal

Volume 9 issue 11 is now available online.

This issue provides a discussion of freezing orders by John Katz QC in his article, “Thwarting a freezing order.” The issue also covers recent IP court decisions by Rob Batty and Trade Mark decisions of IPONZ by Sophie Thoreau. 
David Bullock & Tim Mullins                                 

RRP*incl GST: $150.00 $135.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546193                                              
Publication Date: April 2022
Caroline Miller & Lee Beattie (editors)                                 

RRP*incl GST: $125.00
ISBN: 9781988546742 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546759 (ebook)
Publication date: 7 March 2022
Monique van Alphen Fyfe

RRP*incl GST: $50.00 $45.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546803 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546810 (ebook)
Publication date: May 2022
Trusts Reissue 2

The Laws of New Zealand title “Trusts” has been reissued in full and is available online. The second reissue of this core title in The Laws of New Zealand has been completely revised and updated by Dr Lindsay Breach. It offers a comprehensive and up-to-date statement of the law of trusts in New Zealand, both statutory and case law-based. The title not only presents the reader with general guidance on the history and background of trust law and insights on the classification of trusts, but also offers intrinsic and essential coverage of important topics ranging from the responsibilities, powers and rights of trustees, to the consequences of breaches of trust, the variation and termination of trusts, and more specialised, but no less important features of trust law in New Zealand, such as the role of the Public Trustee, and Trustee Corporations. Trusts Reissue 2 is an authoritative and essential guide to the principles of the law of trusts in New Zealand.
Taxation Reissue 1

Written by Emma Marr, the first reissue of this title, which had already been completely revised and updated online in relation to Revenue in Part I and Income Tax in Part II of the title, has now been updated to include new content in Part III of the title, offering essential guidance on Goods and Services Tax.
Service 101 (updated to 29 January 2021) is now available online.

Service 101 features significant updates to:

  • the "State Sector" title as a result of the Public Service Act 2020, which (except for ss 90 and 133(1)) came into force on 7 August 2020;
  • the "Receivers" title as a result of the Insolvency Practitioners Regulation (Amendments) Act 2019 and the Insolvency Practitioners Regulation Act 2019, the remainder of which came into force on 1 September 2020;
  • the "Media and Communications" and “Information” titles as a result of the Privacy Act 2020, the remainder of which came into force on 1 December 2020; and
  • the “Public Safety” and “Criminal Law” titles as a result of the remaining provisions of the Drug and Substance Checking Legislation Act 2020, which came into force on 7 December 2020, and of the provisions of the Arms Legislation Act 2020 that came into force on 24 December 2020.
Practical Guidance: Trusts

Latest legal updates
High Court settles family dispute over century old bach owned by family trust
Dispute over Tauranga house held in trust
Trusts are created to fulfil the settlor’s intentions
Chris Kelly, Greg Kelly, Colette McKenzie & Kimberly Lawrence

RRP*incl GST: $220.00
ISBN: 9781988546292 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546308 (ebook)
Publication date: 7 March 2022
John Burrows QC and Jeremy Finn (editors)           

RRP*incl GST: $150.00 $135.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546544 (book) 
ISBN: 9781988546551(ebook)                                 
Publication date: March 2022
Judge Peter Spiller (editor)                                               

RRP*incl GST: $49.00
ISBN: 9781988546735 (book)
Publication date: 5 February 2022
Nicholas Wood

RRP*incl GST: $50.00 $45.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546865 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546872 (ebook)
Publication date: March 2022
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