Issue 520 | 04 April 2022
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Wednesday, 6th of April at 12pm    

In this session we will provide an orientation to Lexis Advance. Learn to harness the power of the Lexis Advance search engine to find case law, legislation, commentary, forms & precedents and practical guidance on all different areas of law. This session will enable you to find what you need quickly and efficiently and organise your research effectively to save time.  
Duration: 60 min

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Tuesday, 12th of April at 4pm   

New Zealand Forms and Precedents is the first loose-leaf, modern precedents resource created specifically for New Zealand. Available in full on Lexis Advance, this wide ranging, encyclopedic resource is designed to provide a precedent for every ordinary legal transaction and some extraordinary ones, that are not simply academic or court documents. New Zealand Forms and Precedents' authoritative and comprehensive coverage will give you a greater ability to provide forms and precedents appropriate for your clients’ needs and save you time with your drafting. The authors of the titles are specialists in their fields and use a modern drafting approach, making the precedents very user-friendly. This session will show you how to access and use the forms, investigate recent updates and provide an opportunity for you to learn what you need to know about this iconic resource on Lexis Advance. 
Duration: 60 min

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Peter Watts

RRP*incl GST: $200.00
ISBN: 9781988546841 (book)                                  
ISBN: 9781988546858 (ebook)                            
Publication date: 27 December 2021
Stephen Todd & Matthew Barber

RRP*incl GST: $200.00 $180.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546704 (book)                                  
ISBN: 9781988546711 (ebook)
Publication date: April 2022
Julia Tomie, Kris Gledhill, Fleur Te Aho & Khylee Quince

RRP*incl GST: $175.00
ISBN: 9781927248225 (book)                                  
ISBN: 9781927248553 (ebook)                            
Publication date: 31 January 2022
Mazengarb’s Employment Law

Service 267 is now available online.

This service updates the following areas in the Employment Relations Act 2000 guidecard: Part 2: Preliminary provisions; Part 8: Strikes and lockouts; Part 9: Personal grievances, disputes and enforcement; and Part 9A: Additional provisions relating to enforcement of employment standards. Updates have also been made to the following areas: Wages; the Minimum Wage Act 1983; the Wages Protection Act 1983; the Social Security Act 2018; the Human Rights Act 1993; the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015; and the Accident Compensation Act 2001. 
Gordon Anderson & Dawn Duncan                     

RRP*incl GST: $150.00
ISBN: 9781988546582 (book)                            
ISBN: 9781988546599 (ebook)                          
Publication date: 17 December 2021
Family Law Service

Service 206 is now available online.

This service includes updated case commentary in the areas of Care and protection, Day-to-day care and contact, Family law practice and procedure, Family Protection Act 1955, Family violence, Guardianship, Hague Convention, International, Maintenance, Paternity, Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988, Relationship property, Relocation, Surrogacy, Testamentary promises and Youth Justice.
Fisher on Relationship Property

Service 99 is now available online.

This service includes legislative amendments and case commentary in the following chapters: Chapter 1 (Nature of relationship property), Chapter 2 (De facto relationships, civil unions, engagements, and other relationships), Chapter 9 (Protecting the non-owner spouse or partner), Chapter 10 (Meaning of property), Chapter 12 (Division of relationship property), Chapter 18 (Jurisdiction, orders and implementation) and Chapter 19 (Proceedings under the Property (Relationships) Act).
Practical Guidance: Family

Latest legal update

Family Court Judge orders 11-year-old boy to get vaccinated
Intellectual Property Law

Service 95 is now available online.

This service covers important updates to the Copyright Act 1994 and Patents Act 2013. In particular, this service provides important commentary on the case of Stephen L Thaler [2022] NZIPOPAT 2, in which the Tribunal deemed that artificial intelligence is not a person for the purposes of the Patents Act 2013 and therefore does not qualify as an inventor under NZ law. Whether artificial intelligence qualifies as a person has been a salient question internationally, and NZ’s decision reflects the current position of UK and US patent law, but contrasts with the position taken by the Australian Courts.
David Bullock & Tim Mullins                                 

RRP*incl GST: $150.00 $135.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546193                                              
Publication Date: April 2022
Hinde McMorland & Sim Land Law

Service 85 is now available online.

This service includes updates to chapters on the land transfer system, caveats, leasehold estates, residential tenancies, concurrent interests in land and capacity to own land.  
Caroline Miller & Lee Beattie (editors)                                 

RRP*incl GST: $125.00
ISBN: 9781988546742 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546759 (ebook)
Publication date: 10 March 2022
Monique van Alphen Fyfe

RRP*incl GST: $50.00 $45.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546803 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546810 (ebook)
Publication date: May 2022
Environmental and Resource Management Law

Service 56 is now available online.

The following chapters have been reviewed and updated: Environmental Law — Sources, legislation and governance; Resource Management Act 1991 — Purpose and national direction; Resource Management Act 1991 — Regional and District policy and plans; Coastal Environment; Minerals and petroleum; Water; New organisms and biosecurity; Noise; Heritage; and Climate change.
Practical Guidance: Succession

Latest legal update

Do-it-yourself will-maker kits now available for New Zealanders
Practical Guidance: Trusts

Latest legal update

Trusts Act provision gives creditors new tool to recover unpaid debts from trustees
Chris Kelly, Greg Kelly, Colette McKenzie & Kimberly Lawrence

RRP*incl GST: $220.00
ISBN: 9781988546292 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546308 (ebook)
Publication date: 3 March 2022
John Burrows QC and Jeremy Finn (editors)           

RRP*incl GST: $150.00 $135.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546544 (book) 
ISBN: 9781988546551(ebook)                                 
Publication date: April 2022
Nicholas Wood

RRP*incl GST: $50.00
ISBN: 9781988546865 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546872 (ebook)
Publication date: 23 March 2022
Judge Peter Spiller (editor)                                               

RRP*incl GST: $49.00
ISBN: 9781988546735 (book)
Publication date: 5 February 2022
New Zealand Women’s Law Journal Trust                                               

RRP*incl GST: $30.00
ISBN: NZWLJ2021VOL5 (book)
Publication date: 10 January 2022
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