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Thursday, 28th of October at 4pm 

Improve your research skills and save time using Lexis Advance. In our Bar-focused training session, discover how to customise your publications efficiently, learn how to filter your search results, link to your favourite publications, highlight and make annotations, create your own work folders to organise your research results, and stay up to date with the latest content.
Duration: 60 min

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Monday, 1st of November at 1pm  

This session will look at how Practical Guidance operates as a standalone module and as a partner to the research you may run on Lexis Advance. In Practical Guidance, you can find guidance written by experts in different areas of law that lead you to the relevant cases and legislation, forms, checklists and precedents as well as extracts from the key text Lexis® publishes in that area. Focus on understanding the use and benefits of Practical Guidance modules for your everyday research.
Duration: 60 min

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Tuesday, 9th of November at 12pm 

In this session, we will provide an orientation to Lexis Advance. Learn to harness the power of the Lexis Advance search engine to find case law, legislation, commentary, forms & precedents and practical guidance on all different areas of law. This session will enable you to find what you need quickly and efficiently, and organise your research effectively to save time.  
Duration: 60 min

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LexisNexis ONDEMAND webinars are delivered by subject experts and accompanied by a short comprehension quiz. Our latest ONDEMAND webinars are as follows:

Guidance on the principles and practical issues associated with workplace disciplinary processes and investigations.
Duration: 60 min

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The webinar looks at the recurring issues of fairness and reward that are commonly encountered during inheritance disputes and provides legal advisors, arbitrators and mediators with tools to advise and manage these when drafting or advising clients on wills, estates and succession.
Duration: 60 min

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This webinar examines the ongoing challenges of knowing your customer and practicalities of ensuring appropriate customer due diligence in an increasingly digital world in order to meet AML/CFT requirements.
Duration: 60 min

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Applying for a court order to administer a deceased estate when a person dies without a will is often complicated. This webinar appraises the requirements for an application of intestacy; the selection of appropriate evidence in support of the application and the recognition of factors that affect entitlement.
Duration: 60 min

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The application process for Letters of Administration with the will annexed differs from probate applications, and knowing what matters need to be considered and addressed and supported by evidence, or indeed omitted, when making an application, is not always clear. This webinar provides guidance on recognising the key requirements for the preparation of a valid will and the requirements for making an improperly executed will declared valid.
Duration: 60 min

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Paul Heath & Mike Whale (editors)

RRP*incl GST: $200.00
ISBN: 9781988546605 (book – two volume set)            
Published: 13 September 2021
Peter Watts QC, Hon. Justice Neil Campbell & Chris Hare

RRP*incl GST: $160.00 $144.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546346 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546353 (ebook)                          
Publication date: December 2021
Gordon Anderson & Dawn Duncan                     

RRP*incl GST: $150.00 $135.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546582 (book)                            
ISBN: 9781988546599 (ebook)                          
Publication date: December 2021
Family Law Service

Service 204 (October 2021) is now available online.

This service contains updated commentary on the following topics of Child Support, Day to day care and contact, Family Protection Act 1955, Family Violence, Guardianship, Guardianship of the Court, International Family Law, Paternity, Family Court Practice and Procedure, Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988, Relationship Property, Surrogacy and Youth Justice.
New Zealand Family Law Journal

Vol 10 Issue 7 (October 2021) is now available online.

This issue contains articles:
  • “Puberty blockers for adolescent transgender children: a question of Gillick competency and a rebuttal of Bell v Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust” by Liam Dalton
  • “Loving more and receiving less: the challenges of property division for people in polyamorous relationships” by Megan McGhie
Practical Guidance: Family

Latest Legal Updates
Law Society reviews new surrogacy law

Mother of Māori girl in care of Pākehā foster parents appeals Family Court judgment

Law Commission review of adult decision-making capacity launched

Child support does not go to children of beneficiary primary caregivers but is recouped as a tax
Mark Henaghan, Bill Atkin, Shonagh Burnhill & Anna Chapman              

RRP*incl GST: $175.00
ISBN: 9781988546636 (book – two volume set)                         
Publication date: 18 October 2021

RRP*incl GST: $150.00 $135.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546889 (book – two volume set)                         
Publication date: October 2021
Sim’s Court Practice

Service 231 is now available online.

This service includes reviewed and updated commentary to: High Court Rules 2016 by Chris Corry and Graham Taylor; Interest on Money Claims Act 2016 by Adrienne Wing; Judicial Review by Graham Taylor; Court of Appeal (Civil) Rules 2005 by Chris Corry; Arbitration Act 1996 by Polly Pope; Contempt of Court Act 2019 by Graham Taylor; Habeas Corpus Act 2001 by Peter Twist.
Matthew R S Palmer (editor)                                

RRP*incl GST: $200.000 $180.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546728                                              
Publication Date: December 2021
David Bullock & Tim Mullins                                 

RRP*incl GST: $150.000 $135.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546193                                              
Publication Date: April 2022
Environmental and Resource Management Law

Service 54 is now available online.

This service includes updates to the following chapters: Chapter 4 Land Use by Judge David Kirkpatrick and Bronwyn Carruthers; Chapter 5 Coastal Environment by Derek Nolan QC; Chapter 8 Water by Bal Matheson and Daniel Minhinnick; Chapter 10 Air by Bal Matheson; Chapter 12 New Organisms and Biosecurity by Mark Christensen; Chapter 13 Noise by Derek Nolan QC.
Practical Guidance: Succession

Latest Legal Update
Court of Appeal declared deceased wife's will valid
Practical Guidance: Trusts

Latest Legal Updates
Leak of Pandora Papers restarts debate that New Zealand is tax haven for wealthy foreigners using trusts

Beneficiary can take control of trust by using corporate trustee
Chris Kelly, Greg Kelly, Colette McKenzie & Kimberly Lawrence

RRP*incl GST: $220.00 $198.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546292 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546308 (ebook)
Publication date: December 2021
Civil Procedure: District Court Reissue 2

Written by Adrienne Wing, this title has now been updated online to include essential guidance on the procedural steps that apply to proceedings in the District Court with additional content on trials, disposal of proceedings other than by trial, judgments, as well as new content on accounts and inquiries, and costs.
New Zealand Women’s Law Journal – Te Aho Kawe Kaupapa Ture a ngā Wāhine, Volume 4, 2020                                     
The New Zealand Women’s Law Journal Trust

RRP*incl GST: $30.00
ISBN: NZWLJ2020VOL4        
Publication date: September 2021
Katie Cowan                                               

RRP*incl GST: $30.00
ISBN: 9781988546520 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546537 (ebook)        
Publication date: September 2021
John Burrows and Jeremy Finn (editors)           

RRP*incl GST: $150.00 $135.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546544 (book)                          
ISBN: 9781988546551 (ebook)                
Publication date: December 2021
Peter Spiller (editor)                                               

RRP*incl GST: $49.00 $44.10 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546735 (book)
Publication date: February 2022
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