Issue 502 | 08 June 2021
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A Message from Chris Murray
Head of Content Management, New Zealand
Kia ora koutou katoa,
In recent issues of Summing Up, Andy Boss and Lindsay O’Connor reflected on changes happening across the legal profession. These ranged from the increasing focus on automation in the work LexisNexis is doing, to the improving prominence of te Reo Māori and tikanga in the courts.

Content is core to what LexisNexis offers the profession, and we are working hard to ensure our content embodies and leads these changes. Central to that is recognising the importance of te Ao Māori. 

Our commitment to te Reo Māori, Tikanga Māori, and te Tiriti o Waitangi will inform our work and our content. This will include looking at dual names for publications, and working with authors to ensure all relevant voices are heard in the creation of content. We are frequently asked by customers for more coverage of “Māori law”, but those asking are often not sure what that means. 

A leading example of us meeting a need that was clear, was the publication of Kia Kākano Rua te Ture, by Alana Thomas and Corin Merrick. This bestselling book is a guide to te Reo and tikanga, written specifically for the profession.

You can expect to see a lot more publications and content from us, as we work with expert authors in this important work. You will also see changes on the Lexis Advance platform to start incorporating te Reo in everything we offer the profession. We have work to do, but it is under way, and we welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Ngā mihi mahana.
Did you know that our LexisNexis training webinars are complementary and most are 
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Tuesday, 8th of June at 4pm

This session shows you how to browse and search your digital versions of your key LexisNexis publications. We show you how to quickly find, highlight and annotate content for effective offline use of publications when you are out of the office, offline or for deep reading in a user-friendly format.
Duration: 60 min

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Tuesday, 8th of June at 4pm

The Laws of New Zealand is an encyclopedic work updated regularly providing a reliable statement of the whole of the law of New Zealand—statutory, regulatory and judicial, including extensive cross-referencing to Halsbury's Laws of England and Halsbury's® Laws of Australia. Authors of this prestigious work include Judges, academics, and senior members of the profession. The authors give the publication its authority through their specialist and practical knowledge of New Zealand law. Learn about the 150+ titles contained in LONZ and how to work with these efficiently.
Duration: 60 min

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Monday, 14th of June at 12pm

Have a look under the hood of Lexis Advance to get a better understanding of how CaseBase and LexCite work as our caselaw and legislation citators. Understand the sources from which they draw their information and how they can be used to aid your legal research and save you time.
Duration: 60 min

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Tuesday, 22nd of June at 4pm

Become more skilled and efficient in your research. Join this session to examine methods of conducting searches on Advance, from understanding the algorithm that runs behind the scenes, to applying advanced filters to generate effective results. Learn to set up alerts and folders, share documents, and customise your publications pod and favourites to ensure that the platform is working efficiently for your research needs.
Duration: 60 min

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Tuesday, 24th of June at 4pm

In this session, we will focus on our Environmental and Resource Management Law publications, including Practical Guidance modules, compiled by expert practitioners in their field. Learn how to work with content in our encylopedic Environmental Resource Management Law text, comprehensively reviewed by Derek Nolan QC. Gain an understanding of the relevant chapters of the Laws of NZ on Resource management and Climate Change which include leading cases on the subject. Become familiar with constructing search terms and setting up alerts, folders and saving annotations.
Duration: 60 min

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Tuesday, 28th of June at 10am

This session will look at how Practical Guidance operates as a stand-alone module and as a partner to the research you may run on Lexis Advance. In Practical Guidance, you can find guidance written by experts in different areas of law that lead you to the relevant cases and legislation, forms, checklists and precedents as well as extracts from the key text Lexis® publishes in that area. Focus on understanding the use and benefits of Practical Guidance modules for your everyday research.
Duration: 60 min

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Practical Guidance: Business Law

Latest legal updates
The Commerce Commission published an open letter on regulatory priorities for energy networks and airports

“FibreX" service of Vodafone misleads people

Final guidance on managed fund fees and value for money released by FMA
Practical Guidance: Intellectual Property Law

Latest legal update
IPONZ trials a new scheduling initiative for hearings to be held at short notice
New Zealand Employment Law Reports

Part 2 of Volume 18 is now available online.

O’Boyle v McCue — (2020) 18 NZELR 76

Constructive dismissal — “final straw” — Breach of duty by employer.

Labour Inspector v Sok Hoirng Chhoir (in partnership with Rattanak Heng (t/as The Bakehouse Café) — (2020) 18 NZELR 119

Evidence — Self-incriminating statements — Proceedings for pecuniary penalties — Employment Relations Act 2000, ss 189(2) and 229(5A).

Banning orders — First-time offenders — Whether pecuniary penalties sufficient deterrent.

Davis v Idea Services Ltd — (2020) 18 NZELR 133

Disadvantage grievance — Residential support care worker — Breach by employer of health and safety obligations.
Practical Guidance: Family

Latest legal updates
Budget 2021 and the Family Court system

Online public survey on the prevention and elimination of family violence and sexual violence

Debate between parents on whether or not to vaccinate children

Judge chooses child’s name after parents disagree
Adams’ Land Transfer

Service 101 is now available online.

This includes commentary updates to the annotated Land Transfer Act 2017, including S 6 Meaning of fraud, S 24 Effect of registration, S 25 Electronic workspace facilities, S 40 Access to register, S 41 Registrar may withhold information for person’s safety, S 42 Application to Registrar to withhold information for person’s safety, S 47 Registration of persons as joint tenants, S 79 Content of tax statement, Subpart 2, Subpart 3, S 104 Discharge of mortgage and S 155 Application for record of title based on adverse possession. Legislative amendments from the Overseas Investment (Urgent Measures) Amendment Act 2020 and the Local Government (Rating of Whenua Māori) Amendment Act 2021 have also been incorporated.

Conveyancing Bulletin

Volume 19 issue 11 is now available online.

The issue includes comment on recent key cases in the areas of caveats, division of co-owned property, landlord and tenant, mortgages, sale of land, as well as the application of s 40 of the Public Works Act.
Practical Guidance: Succession

Latest legal updates
Judge requires missing beneficiary of will to be sought by social media

Succession law is out-of-date and needs to be reviewed
Sarah Parsons                                                 

RRP*incl GST: $160.00
ISBN: 9781988546254
Publication date: December 2020
Bill Patterson                                                    

RRP*incl GST: $200.00
ISBN: 9781988546506 (book)                            
ISBN: 9781988546513 (ebook)
Publication date: May 2021
Practical Guidance: Trusts

Latest legal update
High Court battle between mother and son over Cromwell home owned by trust
Sarah Parsons                                                 

RRP*incl GST: $160.00
ISBN: 9781988546278
Publication date: December 2020
Chris Kelly, Greg Kelly, Collette Mckenzie & Kimberly Lawrence

RRP*incl GST: $220.00 $198.00 (pre-order price)
ISBN: 9781988546292 (book)
ISBN: 9781988546308 (ebook)
Publication date: August 2021
Civil Procedure: High Court Reissue 2

The second reissue of the title “Civil Procedure: High Court” in The Laws of New Zealand has now been reissued in full and is available online.

Written by Chris Corry, the title offers comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the rules of court in proceedings issued in the High Court. The title offers clear and step-by-step guidance through the procedural machinery that is currently in place under the High Court Rules 2016 and other related legislation for civil actions in the High Court, from jurisdictional matters and initial steps for the commencement of proceedings, to interlocutory proceedings, case management, disposal of proceedings without trials, trial, through to judgments, accounts and enquiries, costs, enforcement proceedings, and appeals. The title is also offering a valuable overview of proceedings in the High Court with special features, such as judicial review proceedings, commercial proceedings assignable to judges on the commercial panel of the Court, admiralty proceedings, and trans-Tasman proceedings under the Commerce Act 1986, as well as providing essential guidance on interim and other relief.
Paul Roth & Blair Stewart

RRP*incl GST: $200.00
ISBN: 9781988546469                          
Publication date: December 2020
Ursula Cheer                                          

RRP*incl GST: $200.00
ISBN: 9781988546117 (book)                            
ISBN: 9781988546124 (ebook)
Publication date: February 2021
Ross Carter                                                     

RRP*incl GST: $180.00
ISBN: 9780947514983 (book)                          
ISBN: 9780947514990 (ebook)
Publication date: May 2021
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