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CaseBase is the smarter, faster, easier way to research. This powerful research tool puts over 600,000 New Zealand, Australian and international cases and journal articles at your disposal, making CaseBase the largest case citator incorporating case summaries in New Zealand and Australia. Easily research and reference 75,000 New Zealand case entries armed with signals and annotations as well as 20,000 New Zealand case summaries. All content is updated daily to ensure the information is always current.

  • Go beyond the library — know if a case is 'good law' with CaseBase signals. These indicate subsequent treatment of a case, assisting you in determining quickly and accurately whether the case is 'good law'.
  • Prove your point faster - save research time with one single search to find a case and its details, including parties involved, judges(s), decision date and court. No need to read through the full text of the judgment.
  • Right case, right here, right now - get all the case information resources you need in one place via LexisNexis NZ. Easily link from the parallel citations in each CaseBase document through the full-text of the decision reported by any LexisNexis report series, New Zealand Law Reports or Unreported Judgments.
  • Eliminate risk with confidence - added editorial value with annotations, catchwords and digests prepared quickly and accurately by legally qualified editors.

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