General Practitioner Collection

LexisNexis General Practitioner Collection is an all you need solution for your general practice including all the essential commentary, forms and precedents from the leading publication, New Zealand Forms and Precedents. This collection provides all the material you need on your desktop to save you time.

Index to New Zealand Statutes
New Zealand’s only statutes index, providing online users with a unique browsing experience by indexing legislation according to familiar legal topics.

New Zealand Statutes, Regulations and Compendium
New Zealand Compendium is an exclusive online tool that can link New Zealand Statutes and Regulations to reported cases, commentary and forms, with one click.

New Zealand Law Reports
The official report series in New Zealand, referred to by the judiciary and lawyers and linked to LINXPlus and New Zealand Unreported Judgments.

Laws of New Zealand
New Zealand’s only legal encyclopaedia covering all areas of law. Updated regularly, with cross-references to legislation, reported case law and Halsbury’s Laws of England.

New Zealand Forms and Precedents
New Zealand Forms and Precedents is New Zealand’s most comprehensive one-stop reference for forms and precedents.

New Zealand Unreported Judgments
The most up-to-date repository of cases from the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, with searchable text and links to legislation.

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