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When the Local Government Act 2002 came into force 1 July 2003 it became more important than ever for practitioners who deal with local authority law to keep up-to-date in this area. The Act was the first comprehensive review of local government laws since 1974 and is significantly different – it’s tougher and there are tighter rules for planning and consultation on every decision made.

Staying informed is easy with LexisNexis Local Government. The publication is the most practical, incisive and analytical work available in this area. It includes the integral pieces of local government legislation – Local Government Act 2002 and Local Government (Rating) Act 2002. Both are explained with full commentary. To provide context for the reforms, the surviving provisions of Local Government Act 1974 are included with history notes.

Updated by local government specialists, Dean Knight, and Chris Mitchell, LexisNexis Local Government has extensive history notes, cross-referencing and commentary ideal for keeping up-to-date in this area of practice.

About the Authors: Christopher Mitchell BA LLM, Wellington, Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand - now in private practice.

Dean Knight BCA LLB(Hons) LLM, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington, Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.

General Information
Author/sChristopher Mitchell and Dean Knight BCA
Ideal ForPractitioners dealing with local authority law
Format1-volume looseleaf, online, LexisNexis Red
UpdatesFrequent updates per year

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