New Zealand Legal Words and Phrases

Words and phrases (referred to in this Preface as 'words') are an essential entry point to all those interested in the Law, be they litigators, students, or the public. The aim of this book is to provide an easy-to-use index to words defined in New Zealand legislation and words interpreted, considered, and discussed in reported cases. Similar overseas publications have provided such an entry point to their respective jurisdictions, most notably the United Kingdom?s Words and Phrases legally defined, first published over forty years ago. Its methodology is, however, anthological.

That style was disfavoured for the compilation of this New Zealand work for a number of reasons, including, limitations of space, and, ultimately, the user?s need to consult the source. Essentially this book follows the format of the Australian series, Australian Legal Words and Phrases, being essentially an alphabetically arranged list of index entries, with context supplied where necessary. The aim is, therefore, to index all statutory definitions from New Zealand Acts of Parliament, and to provide a comprehensive coverage of the official law reports (New Zealand Law Reports) from 1958 onwards, and other selected report series. The result is a work of approximately 13,000 legislative references, and over 3,000 case entries, most of which have context ascribed to them so as to easily discriminate references.

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