New Zealand Statutes, Regulations and Compendium

New Zealand Statutes contains all New Zealand Acts in force. New Zealand Statutes is the principal Statute reference of New Zealand law. New Zealand Statutes includes:

• All current Public Acts of New Zealand in compiled form with editorial and history annotation.

• Public Acts repealed since 01/01/93, retained in the service in their repealed state. Selected additional Acts repealed prior to 01/01/93 are also included.

• All Local Acts, Private Acts and Provincial Acts and Ordinances in force, compiled and formatted with editorial and historical annotations. Local and Private Acts repealed prior to 01/01/93 are also included.

New Zealand Annual Acts contains unamended copies of all Acts assented since 1992.

Subsets of New Zealand Statutes: -

• New Zealand Offences and Penalties is included with Statutes and is a quick reference of offences and penalties embodied in New Zealand Statutes and Regulations. Conveniently fielded, this service is updated with the passing of new legislation. This service is presented by Act and Section and is fielded to assist searches for offences of like penalties. Researchers may view the penalties service from any section of an Act that contains an offence.

• New Zealand Compendium provides links directly from sections in Statutes, or Regulations to relevant commentary or cases in other LexisNexis electronic publications.

Synopsis:New Zealand Regulations contains all statutory regulations in force in New Zealand. New Zealand Regulations is the most comprehensive and richly annotated New Zealand Regulations service available. New Zealand Regulations includes:

• All Regulations in force

Regulations revoked since 01/01/96, retained in the service in their revoked state.

• Deemed Regulations, including Maritime Rules, Marine Protection Rules, Land Transport Rules and others

New Zealand Annual Regulations contains unamended copies of all regulations made since 1992.

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