5 Questions with Lindsay O’Connor, Head of Core Product, LexisNexis® Pacific

31 March 2022 05:07

When did LexisNexis start developing Lexis® Create?
LexisNexis UK launched Lexis Create to the UK market in April 2021. Following some early success there we decided to adapt the product for the Australian and New Zealand legal markets. We’ve been working on local developments since May 2021.

Why did you choose these particular needs to address?
Our UK business spoke to over 100 customers as part of their discovery process. As part of our local development process, we’ve spoken to customers across New Zealand and Australia to identify their key pain points when drafting and to prioritise features and functionality which can assist with those. This has given us a real understanding of what a lawyer’s standard drafting workflow looks like and how we can leverage our expertise to help to streamline what can be a complex and time-consuming process. For example, we know that internal processes for sharing best practice drafting can be mixed – whist some firms have excellent internal content databases - in other firms this can be an informal process which may not be adopted by everyone in the firm. That is why we have introduced our ‘snippets’ feature which enables users to save their drafting and to select to share this with their team, department or their entire firm. It’s a process that can be controlled by the firm’s admin user to ensure that Knowledge Managers have the ability to embed this process across their firm.

How are these issues crucial to the legal profession in your opinion?
Lawyers are facing increasing pressures to do more in less time, so efficiency is more important than ever. We wanted to create a tool that streamlines the drafting process to ensure that lawyers have more time to spend on providing legal advice to their clients rather than wasting time looking up old drafting. We also know how important it is to ensure documents are completely accurate so the document checking features in Lexis Create provide our users with confidence that their documents are error free.

What sets Lexis Create apart from other products addressing similar needs?
What sets Lexis Create apart from other drafting tools is that the range of features we have developed support lawyers at every stage of the document drafting process – from document creation all the way through to sending the document out for signature or to the other side. Whilst document proofreading is an important step in the drafting process, we’ve also looked at how we can help lawyers with the steps before and after that point.

This product addresses Microsoft Office specifically – are there plans to create products tailored to other software?
Lexis Create has been designed to sit within the MS toolbar*. We know that the majority of lawyers use MS Word for drafting documents and so we’ve aimed to minimise context switching by integrating Lexis Create within the tool they are already using. This does require users to install the Lexis Create product on their desktop. In the future we’re looking to develop a web application version of Lexis Create which avoids the need to download and install the software. This will also enable users to access Lexis Create via Apple Macs.

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