Interview: South Korea's privacy chief on Big Tech and other challenges

06 May 2022 07:12

Despite a 30-year career in South Korea’s public service, Yoon Jong-in had never imagined himself as the country’s top privacy officer, nor had he expected to be chosen to build a government agency from scratch and provide the groundwork for the country’s data-privacy rules.

Sitting down recently for an extended interview with MLex, the chairman of South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission spoke about the tasks and challenges facing the nascent agency, stressing that moves to further update the country’s privacy law are no cause for panic. As regulators in Europe, the US and Asia scramble to regain control of data with new curbs and stronger laws, Yoon is seeking a more nuanced approach that would see a blend of co-regulation and laws to address privacy concerns. He went on to outline his goals regarding new privacy-enhancing technologies which his agency has prioritized, and shared his thoughts on the latest transition in personal mobility, marked by battery-powered, self-driving and connected vehicles, suggesting that protecting the vast amounts of data generated by new mobility systems will be key to car safety.

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