Reduce risk and save time by adding a new level of intelligence to your drafting workflow

What if?

You could drive efficiencies to a new level with intelligent clause suggestions ?
Industry-leading content could fit seamlessly into your drafting workflow?
You could spot risks and decision points quickly and easily?

Your AI-powered drafting research assistant

Lexis® Clause Intelligence comes into your world - the document or precedent that you're drafting or reviewing - and suggests relevant, expert-drafted clause wording in seconds.

To do this, Lexis Clause Intelligence uses sophisticated AI/ML-based information retrieval techniques. Artificial intelligence (AI) and its sub-discipline machine learning (ML) are changing the practice of law for the better by removing the need to expend time-consuming effort on repetitive manual processes.
AI/ML does not replace the need for your deep expertise as a lawyer; it frees up your time to focus on applying that expertise to the unique circumstances of your matter.

Lexis Clause Intelligence is available in both a lightweight, intuitive browser format accessible via Lexis Advance and integrated into Lexis Create.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to deliver unique benefits

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Tailor your document and deliver better client outcomes

Deliver better client outcomes by leveraging ideas for clear, high-quality drafting.

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Practical Implementation of AI that reduces your risk

The Lexis Clause Intelligence recommendation algorithm maximises your exposure to relevant data, making it easier for you to be sure that you’ve identified and covered all risks.

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Intuitive and easy to use

Navigate easily between your own clauses and relevant suggestions. In Clause Intelligence on Lexis Create, view suggested clauses side by side with your own document.

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Work faster

Spend less time formulating your own search queries and reviewing vast amounts of content to find the most relevant clauses and guidance

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