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Core Modules

Our core modules cover areas of law that any New Zealand organisation
must comply with.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

New Zealand has strong anti-corruption laws, and is perceived as one of the least corrupt countries in the world. New Zealand organisations play an important role in helping to ensure that this perception is accurate and in contributing to the goal of eliminating bribery and corruption worldwide.  This module not only outlines your organisation’s obligations, but also provides practical guidance on steps you can take to ensure that your bribery and corruption risks are identified and minimised.

Company Law

This module provides guidance on your compliance obligations, from setting up and operating your company through to winding it up. We have reviewed all key legislation administered by the Financial Management Authority, Registrar of Companies of the New Zealand Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment and other key government bodies.

Consumer Law

A complex and ever-changing area of law, this module provides you with a practical explanation of your obligations with regard to your customers, and how you can meet them. We have reviewed all key legislation regulated by the Commerce Commission.


Covering all jurisdictions, this module uncovers your compliance obligations across the entire employment life cycle – from recruitment to employment contract obligations, right through to fair treatment in the workplace and more.


Regardless of which industry you are in, privacy issues affect us all. The Privacy module identifies and guides your organisation through the compliance obligations regulated by the Privacy Commissioner surrounding the secure collection, management and maintenance of personal information.

Workplace Health & Safety

Everyone has legal responsibilities to protect the health and safety of people in the workplace. This  module outlines the duties of organisations, workers and other relevant parties with respect to workplace health and safety.