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  • Going Paperless

    How digital files can improve your processes and efficiency


  • Marketing Your Firm

    Explore 12 low-cost resources to get your firm's marketing strategy started.


  • Declutter Your Digital Life

    Learn how to avoid information overload and opt out of the attention economy.


  • Legal Specialisation

    While legal specialisation allows small firms a profitable niche, it also limits lawyers by dividing them into silos.


  • The Cost of Free Research

    Each working week more than half of New Zealand’s small and sole practitioners conduct legal research. Due to time and cost pressures, it’s tempting to turn to free resources, but the cheapest solutions won’t necessarily offer the best value or outcome. This article explores the challenges and implications of using free research and the impact on a small and sole practicing firm.


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LexisNexis provides informative virtual series and interactive workshops that transcend practice areas and focus on topics and  developments important to the New Zealand legal community.

  • On Demand Videos
    21 July 2021 12:00PM

    The LexisNexis Innovation Panel (LNIP) was developed in 2020 as a collaborative forum between LexisNexis and our customers, centring on initiatives to improve the way New Zealand legal professionals work. In these videos, our panellists discuss how advancements in technology and applying Agile methodologies have shaped the practice of law.