About the Practical Guidance
Employment Law module

In this rapidly expanding area of law, having the legal tools of Practical Guidance on hand to guide you through a matter is essential. Not only does it assist you in developing a better understanding of the workplace law matter, it gives you the framework and practical tools to lead you through every step, and it's all in the one place.

Ideal for lawyers working in employment law and industrial relations, HR specialists or In House Counsel, the module includes topics such as pay, benefits and tax, trade unions, disputes and grievances, dispute resolution, ending and starting employment.

Authored by employment law specialists, you can trust LexisNexis to give you the relevant and up to date legal research on employment and workplace law matters.

The Employment Law module includes over 290 guidance notes, 60+ topic overviews, 50+ checklists and access to dozens of precedents. The module additionally includes international employment law content covering overviews of key jurisdictions.