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Lexis Affinity™ offers immediate value to practice managers, partners and associates:

Practice Managers

  • Streamline processing and reduce billing errors: Transactional search results and charges linked to your clients’ matters. Bill clients directly and recover costs on a regular basis. Reconcile against weekly invoices provided by LexisNexis
  • Reduce errors: Save money and reduce risk of downtime. Enabling disaster recovery contingency and business continuity
  • Benefit from a trusted system and its expert support team: Implementation, training and support supplied by an experienced and dedicated team of local subject experts


  • Understand and grow your business: Extensive business reporting capabilities provide you with a complete analysis on every aspect of your firms performance at your fingertips
  • Improve client service and satisfaction: Enhance responsiveness through mobile access to key client and matter information. Keep clients better informed using Client Extranet
  • Reduce risk and wasted time: Ensure lawyers have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information


  • Stay on top of your deadlines and priorities: Ensure all key tasks and deadlines are captured and managed using workflow. Tasks and appointments can be shared with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Meet your billing targets easily: Capture more time with an intuitive fee sheet calendar that enables you to spot the gaps and plan ahead
  • Reduce non-chargeable admin: Streamline filing, with the new Outlook plug-in. Use integrated services to reduce the headache of keeping track of Legal Research and Online Search orders

See how law firms are making the most out of Lexis Affinity

We conducted an evaluation of the practice management offerings, and concluded that Lexis Affinity™ was the only practice management solution that ticked all the boxes.
— Tim Rainey, owner and partner of Rainey Law
Lexis Affinity™ averaged an extra hour of time per fee earner per day for Rainey Law »

Affinity was able to save the firm an estimated $270,000 per year; $60,000 per year on precedents alone…It’s improved our efficiency tenfold and saved us an incredible amount of time on our day-to-day tasks and workflow.
— Matthew Oakley, Partner, King Cain Solutions
See how King Cain Solutions increased their growth and profitability »

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