What is a webinar and how do they work?

A webinar is a seminar or event held online. It makes use of online presentation tools to enable attendees to view the presentation and participate in the event. Webinars are increasingly recognised as a convenient and cost effective means of continuing professional development for working professionals. LexisNexis webinars enable attendees to keep up-to-date with industry developments - without spending time travelling or even leaving the office. Every LexisNexis webinar is presented by a subject matter specialist and includes a Q&A session that offers the opportunity to ask questions on specific areas of concern.

The LexisNexis webinar delivery platform is Cisco Webex. Attendees can attend the event using the device that suits them - computer, i-phone or tablet.

All registered attendees receive a workbook and access to the webinar recording after the event. Registered attendees also receive a record of attendance that may be used towards their continuing professional development (CPD).

Forthcoming and 'on-demand' webinars

To purchase your place on a webinar or purchase a recording visit our estore.

How to join a webinar

  1. After purchasing your place on the webinar you will immediately receive an acknowledgement of your payment.

  2. You will subsequently receive a 'Congratulations' email containing a link to the webinar (circled in red). It looks like the image below.

  3. On the day of the webinar, click on the link. You may need to run a temporary application to join the meeting. You will be taken to a page like the one shown below.

  4. Complete the section called 'Join Event Now' and click on 'Join Now' button. Note that you will be unable to join the event until the host has started the webinar.

  5. When you join the webinar will automatically be able to hear the audio coming through your computer speaker. If for any reason the audio does not work call Tel: +64 9 929 1803 and enter Passcode: 421 491 8309 to listen to the speaker via your phone.

  6. To ask questions during the webinar participants should use the chat function.
  7. It looks like this on a laptop.

    Or this on an i-phone.


Q1. I have registered for a webinar on the NZ e-store - what do I do now?
Did you receive a 'congratulations' email like the one below? If yes please follow the instructions contained in the email. If you have not received the email below, our customer support team can talk you through the registration process.

Q2. I can't get into the webinar.
Check on the time and date of the webinar. Until the host has started the event you cannot access the webinar. Attendees can only access the webinar 10 mins before the event.

Q3. I have joined the webinar but can't hear anything. What do I do?
Keep the webinar on your screen and dial into the audio (using your landline or mobile). Telephone Number: 0800 886 007; Passcode: 421 491 8309. Please remember to mute your phone.

Q4. Is my webinar eligible for CPD points?
Yes. Each Lexis Nexis webinar is equal to at least ONE CPD hour. (Note: 1 hour Webinar = 1 hour CPD; 1.5 hour webinar = 1.5 CPD).

Q5. Do I get a certificate of attendance?
Yes. All registered attendees will receive a certificate of participation that may be used as a record of their CPD activities.

Q6. I have lost my registration information and the webinar starts in 20 mins. What do I do?
Phone us on 0800 800 986; select Option #3 (Technical Support); then select Option #1 (Online Support).

Q7. Is the webinar recording included in my fee?
Yes. If a recording is made registered attendees will be provided with access to the recording after the event so that they can revisit the presentation in their own time.

Q8. I have booked to attend a webinar and can't attend the webinar now. Can I have a refund?

Customers can elect to

  1. Stay enrolled on the webinar and receive the recording and workbook after the event.
  2. Send a substitute attendee in their place
  3. Transfer attendance to an alternative event (if LexisNexis Is notified within 2 hours of the event that the customer cannot attend)
  4. Receive a full refund

Q9. Do I need to download anything to my computer to attend the webinar?
No you do not need to download anything but should you be attending a LexisNexis webinar for the first time you may be required to run the Webex application to attend. This may take a few minutes to process so it is always best to join the webinar 15-20 mins early if it is your first time.

Q10. Do I receive any files prior to the webinar?
No. You will receive the webinar files (copies of the slides and access to a recording of the event) after the webinar.

Contact us

LexisNexis is committed to providing you with quality service. Our technical support team can answer your questions on our webinar products.

Phone us: 0800 800 986 select Option #3 (Technical Support) then select Option #1 (Online Support)

Email us: techsupport@lexisnexis.com.au