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Integrated ID verification for

AML/CFT compliance

Introducing our partners at Cloudcheck

Cloudcheck is an electronic identification verification (EV) tool that allows you to verify the identity of your clients in one easy step. LexisNexis has partnered with Cloudcheck to bring an integrated service to Lexis Affinity™ and LAWbase customers.


Secure integrated application process through Affinity and LAWbase platforms


Data sources include New Zealand and Australian government databases & Dow Jones PEP & Sanction checks

High Success Rate

Proprietary matching algorithms mean high client verification pass rates


Real-time product updates for accurate AML/CFT requirements

With Cloudcheck you can set your own parameters with your preferred practice management system to meet your risk appetite and reduce false positives. The potential results can be investigated, downloaded into your CRM and/or saved in PDF format for ease of record keeping.

Client applications process begins at your firm on Lexis Affinity™ or LAWbase

Your client’s data is sent to Cloudcheck for identity verification across local and global sources

Cloudcheck completes verification and sends results in response

Data sources supported by Cloudcheck:



AUS Passport (DVS)

AUS Driver's Licence (DVS)

AUS Medicare Card (DVS)

AUS Other Documents (DVS)

NZ Driver's Licence (NZTA)

NZ Passport (DIA)

NZ Birth Certificate (DIA)

NZ Citizenship Certificate (DIA)

Name and Date of Birth

NZ Car Registration (NZTA)

NZ Companies Office

NZ Credit Bureau

NZ Land Registry

NZ White Pages

Name and Address

Dow Jones PEP & Sanctions checks provide global coverage of:

  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)
  • Relatives and close associates (RCA)
  • International government sanction lists and watchlists
  • Persons linked to high profile crime

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