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Tap into the latest news and legal information contained in more than 4.5 million documents from over 450 publications.

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Cutting-edge search technology ensures you never miss critical research content. Search across all your trusted LexisNexis subscriptions with one query, starting from a single search box.

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Lexis Advance streamlines your research process and seamlessly combines your research content with Practical Guidance giving you back more time to do what matters most.

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Search keywords, case citations, or employ a full Boolean search from a single search bar, saving time and clicks.

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"I regard the Lexis Advance® works as essential reference sources. I find their format familiar and easy to follow and my research is usually completed quickly and efficiently in this platform."

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The Lexis Advance support site — The Knowledge Network — delivers troubleshooting tips, user guides, how-to videos, and answers to common questions. It is also a great place to keep up-to-date on new enhancements. And if there's a resource you need but can't find, no problem!

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The Knowledge Network

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Kickstart your research today with this handy reference guide. Discover where to find — and how to benefit from — Lexis Advance features used by legal professionals.

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