What is LexisNexis Practical Guidance?

LexisNexis has developed a product called LexisNexis Practical Guidance, which is an online resource offering practically-focused content. Practical Guidance is designed to provide:

  • A “how to” research solution for lawyers with content starting from the point of the matter, task or issue in front of the lawyer (rather than the point of the law) that gets users to the answer that they need quickly.
  • Structured and practically focused guidance on the workflow of a matter, with access to deeper research materials on Lexis Advance Research where needed.
  • Checklists, precedents and tools that are intuitive, simple to use and support a user’s workflow.
  • An intuitive browsing experience providing users with a research map of subjects pertinent to a practice area in a work-flow oriented format. This gets users to the information that they need as quickly and as easily as possible.

Top 4 BENEFITS to highlight for Practical Guidance

Save time

Exceptional guidance, precedents, checklists and primary law, all in one place.

Stay informed

Regular legal updates letting you know when laws change.

Go deeper

Direct links to LexisNexis commentary and primary law.

Trusted authors

Experienced legal experts imparting their practical knowledge.

Guided by the Best

Our author model is the ‘best of both worlds’ in that we find the best legal experts. Some are currently practising and work at firms large and small. Others are working in-house at LexisNexis to curate, augment and ensure currency of content.

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