The LexisNexis® Innovation Panel has been created as a collaborative forum between LexisNexis and our New Zealand customers, centring on initiatives to improve the way New Zealand legal professionals work.

OnDEMAND | Virtual Panel


Virtual Panel Discussion

The Agile Lawyer

Join LexisNexis and our practiced panel of industry leaders for the first event of 2021 as they delve into how members in the legal industry went Agile with the way they practised the business of law.

Kirsten Graham, Litigation Partner, Cavell Leitch
Kristine King, Director, Duncan King Law
Michelle Wibisono, Practical Guidance Legal Writer – Corporations, LexisNexis Australia

Sophie Marsh, Head of Product & Customer Discovery, LexisNexis New Zealand


What is 'Agile'?

  • A simple introduction to the concepts of Agile working

Agile Law

  • How Agile Methodologies are being applied to the legal practice
  • The benefits; the challenges

Interactive Discussion

  • Interactive polls
  • Q&A with the panellists

Discovery Session – Lexis® Create lead by Lindsay O'Connor, Head of Online Solutions, LexisNexis NZ

  • Opportunity for feedback on upcoming product development

Join us for this LexisNexis Innovation Panel interactive event and help legal technology advance what's possible!

This event earns 1 CPD point for your professional development requirements. If you would like to receive a certificate of attendance, please contact us HERE.

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Discuss and Develop
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Interactive Workshops
Participate in interactive session to help build the solutions the way the industry needs
Networking Opportunities
Socialise with like-minds to make your experience as robust and diverse as the clients you represent

Be a part of the next generation of LexisNexis innovations

We’re inviting you to see behind-the-scenes of the LexisNexis experience, because it’s researchers like you who help shape the future of LexisNexis products. Your input will go straight to people in charge of improving your user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s expected of you?

A. Periodically we’ll send you an email inviting you to complete a survey, participate in an interview, or attend a group workshop. No pressure, you can respond or simply ignore that particular email if you’re too busy. You can opt-out of the LexisNexis Innovation Panel at any time.

Q. What will you get out of it?

A. You’ll help shape the LexisNexis experience and the products we develop for you and the legal industry. We know your time is precious, so when appropriate, we offer incentives (typically digital gift cards) for participation as a thank you.

Q. What do we do with the feedback?

A. The feedback you provide on LexisNexis content and products informs the way we develop our solutions and innovate towards the future. Your privacy is important to us, and your details will only be used for the purposes of user research.

Q. Ready to get started?

A. Click NEXT and complete the short survey that follows, and we’ll be in touch the next time we’ve got a feedback opportunity that matches your profile.