Experience a new era of Online Legal Research Powered By Extractive AI

Legal information, data-driven insights and practical guidance work seamlessly together to deliver the knowledge you need, when you need it.


A powerful and intuitive platform that lets you be more strategic and deliver better client outcomes.

Experience Simplicity

The next level of AI-powered intuitive user experience surfaces relevant knowledge more easily and simply than ever before.

  • Spend less time searching and more time thinking strategically.
  • Have all the information you need at your fingertips including practical guidance, case law, legislation, analytical commentary, books and journals.
  • Uncover information you may not have otherwise considered.

Experience Efficiency

Lexis+ is the fast, accurate and reliable research assistant every successful lawyer needs.

  • Accomplish tasks faster with a uniquely integrated workflow solution that delivers the most relevant content every time.
  • Minimise steps and effort by having comprehensive information presented in an intuitive screen display.
  • Create better client outcomes and more billable hours with faster and more accurate search results.

Experience Confidence

Legal professionals need complete confidence in the output and outcomes of their work. Lexis+ delivers it.

  • Superior research, data-driven insights and practical guidance are integrated to show the most relevant content in a single experience.
  • On unfamiliar matters, Lexis+ gives you the confidence you are delivering the very best advice.
  • Present your recommendations knowing you've covered every base.

Solutions that improve your productivity, workflow, and your ability to deliver timely and strategic counsel


Legislation Compare

Save time and streamline your advice process by comparing different versions.

  • Review side-by-side view or overlayed
  • Choose different time frames to review codes
  • Get clear and instant visibility of all additions and deletions


Lexis Answers

Natural language technology that provides you with a succinct response to your legal question.

  • Helps you build a fast and deep understanding of any matter
  • An easy and intuitive starting point for junior lawyers
  • Enhances the accuracy and productivity of you and your team


Leading Cases

Instantly locate the key cases most relevant to yours.

  • See cases in a clear and compelling view
  • Relevant provision supporting your recommendations
  • Simplify research with data-driven, decision-making support


Integrated Practical Guidance

13 practice areas fully integrated with Legal Research on Lexis+

  • Access Practical Guidance front and centre in your workflow
  • Single integrated search surfaces the most relevant guidance more quickly
  • Intuitive browse and seamless navigation to key content

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