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New Zealand Forms and Precedents is an online, modern precedents library (precedents being best practice forms and legal documents for specific civil legal transactions developed by expert authors) written specifically for New Zealand. It is encyclopaedic — in the sense that it provides information and reference of the majority of NZ civil law.

It is designed to provide a precedent for every ordinary legal transaction and some extraordinary ones; those that are not simply academic or Court documents. The authoritative and comprehensive coverage gives users a greater ability to access the forms and precedents appropriate to today’s client needs.

The authors of each title are specialists in their field and use a modern drafting approach, making the precedents very user-friendly. For guidance on drafting, a small chapter on modern drafting is included. An extensive range of titles is published with room to add more as necessity dictates. New updates are added on a monthly basis.

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Authors: Various

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Law practitioners, libraries, and corporations

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New Zealand Forms and Precedents

30 May 2023 06:36

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