Practical Guidance Social Justice

Practical Guidance Social Justice is LexisNexis’ free online module for people who are unable to afford a lawyer, wish to represent themselves in court or understand more about their legal rights in New Zealand.

This module provides:

  • background information on social justice issues;
  • practical information on how to represent yourself in court; and
  • guidance on how to approach common problems involving legal and human rights issues and possible solutions.

To access the module click here.  

Practical Guidance Social Justice is, and will remain, completely free to access as part of LexisNexis’ commitment to advancing the Rule of Law across the globe. We are able to provide this free resource thanks to the generous contributions of content from our authors.

If you are interested in providing content for this module, please contact your Relationship Manager or email

  • 6 topics
  • 30+ subtopics, each containing:
    • Topic overviews
    • Guidance notes
    • Checklists
    • Precedents
    • Links to relevant legislation and case law
  • Latest Legal Updates
  • General tips for civil legal actions
  • Employment cases
  • Care of children
  • Your rights
  • Your safety
  • Opposing human trafficking

Slave Free Seas

Slave Free Seas

Wellington Community Justice Project

Wellington Community Justice Project

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