Practical Guidance Trust Law

Practical Guidance Trusts is an essential resource for anyone administering a trust or involved in transactions with trusts.

The module provides a comprehensive range of how-to guidance notes, checklists, forms and precedents, as well as relevant cases and legislation. Topics covered include drafting a trust, trust reviews, transactions with beneficiaries, resettlement, variation of trust, gifting, trustee resolutions, acquisition and disposal of trust assets, and more.

Stay current with trust law legislative changes with our regular content updates written by trusts law experts and streamline your work with easy links to deeper research.

  • 17 topics, each containing:
    • Topic overviews
    • Guidance notes
    • Checklists
    • Precedents
    • Links to relevant legislation and case law
  • Glossary
  • Latest Legal Updates
  • Acquisition and disposal of trust assets
  • Memorandum of wishes
  • Residential case subsidies
  • Trustee resolutions
  • Gifting
  • Transactions with beneficiaries
  • Trustee appointment and retirement
  • Resettlement
  • Beneficiary appointment and removal
  • Winding up a trust
  • Multiple property owners
  • Life leases
  • Powers of the court
  • Variations of trust
  • Corporate trustee
  • Drafting a trust
  • Trust reviews
  • Law of Trusts
  • New Zealand Law Reports
  • New Zealand Forms and Precedents
  • Laws of New Zealand
  • Morison’s Securities and Companies Law
  • Heath and Whale on Insolvency

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