Lexis Practical Guidance on Lexis Advance offers a uniquely fast and intuitive way of accessing the practical legal content you need every day. Lexis Practical Guidance acts as your first port for call for legal research, guiding you through everyday research matters, while the inclusion of links to deeper research on Lexis Advance ensure you have the comprehensive resources and guidance you need.

With Lexis Practical Guidance you can:

Save valuable research time - Lexis Practical Guidance has been designed to suit your workflow, allowing you to get straight to the answers you need quickly and easily.
Expand your business into new practice areas with ease - Lexis Practical Guidance offers step-by-step guidance and practical tools so you can be sure you have the resources to work on every matter that comes your way.
Access practical legal content in the context of your matter. With a broad collection of guidance notes, commentary, checklists, forms and precedents, cases and legislation, Lexis Practical Guidance ensures you have the resources you need across a range of different practice areas (see below for the full list).
Ensure you have the most up to date information - expert authorship, and automatic, timely content updates ensure you have content you can rely on.
Our Lexis Practical Guidance modules are also available in versatile packages, tailored to offer simplicity and flexibility.

Want to know what our customers are saying?

"The Lexis Practical Guidance Corporations Law module simplifies what is at times a rather detailed area of law, and enables the reader to understand how this area of law works from a practical perspective."
— Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

"I like the fact that Lexis Practical Guidance is a practical tool that lawyers, who are not specialists in a practice area, can use as a quick guide to learn the relevant procedures and to do their own deeper research. It helps them to understand the practical issues involved in particular matters and to decide whether they need to seek advice from a specialist or to brief counsel."
— David Creais, Executive Lawyer, Bartier Perry

"The Lexis Practical Guidance tool is a great resource with its practical, straight forward guidance across a range of issues. I really like the fact that there is commentary on property issues across multiple jurisdictions, which is incredibly helpful for property practices that operate across a number of jurisdictions and therefore need guidance on the differences between them."
— Lisa Gaddie, Partner, Lander & Rogers (comment on Lexis Practical Guidance Property Law)

The Lexis Practical Guidance modules are developed for:
Trust Law Family Law Employment Law
Resource Management Law Business Law Criminal Law
Succession Law Employment Law for Employers In-House Counsel
Family Law Property Law District Law Litigation

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