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Existing LexisNexis® Butterworths Online Customers

Q. How much will it cost to upgrade to LexisNexis® NZ?

A. Existing LexisNexis® Butterworths Online customers will currently pay no more to access their LexisNexis® legal information via LexisNexis® NZ provided their registered number of users and subscriptions remain the same. Customers will be getting more features and more functionality for the same price.

Q. When will I know when I am migrating?

A. The LexisNexis® training team will contact to you 8 weeks prior to the commencement of your training and migration programme to confirm a time convenient to you. Click here if you would like to see the migration programme.

Q. Are there any additional systems requirements I need to upgrade to the new service?

A. There are no additional systems requirements and there is actually more support for Mac users. However we recommend for the fastest performance possible when using LexisNexis® NZ that your system meets our minimum system requirements - Click here for details.

Q. What user materials will be provided?

A. Migration training comes complete with user guides, quick reference cards plus fantastic online help files and tutorials. We also have a helpline available if you need us: 0800 800 986 extension 6.

Q. Do I have to migrate?

A. Yes, LexisNexis® Butterworths Online will be replaced by the superior functionality and features of LexisNexis® NZ and will be switched off 2 months after your LexisNexis® NZ initial set up and training.

The LexisNexis® NZ Service

Q. What publications are available on LexisNexis® NZ?

A. You can choose to subscribe to as many publications or bundles as you require. All the New Zealand legal content currently available on LexisNexis® Butterworths Online will be available on LexisNexis® NZ. With some exciting new releases coming up, we will also be able to provide more global legal content, as well as news and business information . Click here to see our LexisNexis® New Zealand publications available online at launch.

Q. What overseas content can I access now?

A. Initially at launch, Australia and selected UK content is available. However, over the next 1 to 2 years the breadth of global legal content will significantly increase as more LexisNexis® international sites migrate their content onto the new service.

Q. Will LexisNexiz NZ replace LexisNexis® Butterworths Online?

A. Yes, over 2005 all current LexisNexis® Butterworths Online customers will be migrated onto LexisNexis® NZ. To find out more about the migration programme for LexisNexis® Butterworths Online customers click here.

Q. Why did LexisNexis® develop the new service?

A. LexisNexis® international made the decision to move to a global online research platform for all LexisNexis® services in recognition of the increasing globalisation of information research and to allow the organisation to focus all their development resources on one world class online research service. While the global service allows users around the world to access global content and service features, individual countries have not only their local content but also the benefits of global resources and technology.

Q. How does LexisNexis® NZ compare to other similar services?

A. LexisNexis® NZ performs exceptionally against competitor services, the key features of the service are access to global content and ease of use. The service will only get better as new local and global content comes online and new service features are released over the coming months and years. To find out more about how LexisNexis® NZ compares to your current service, contact us to discuss in more detail.

Q. Will LexisNexis® NZ be more expensive?

A. LexisNexis® NZ is competitively priced even with the superior functionality and content over similar services. Find out more about the cost of LexisNexis® NZ by contacting us.

Q. Can I trial the service?

A. Yes, if you are not a current customer, sign up for a 7 day trial of the LexisNexis® NZ service here.