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What's the Process?

Companies currently being migrated will have been given their pre-notification pack and begun the process. Below is the schedule for companies starting their migration in March 2005.



Companies migrating from
March 05 – December 05

1. Letter keeping you up to date with LexisNexis® NZ

8 weeks prior to migration

2. Pre-notification pack contains key information on your migration


  • Pre-notification letter
  • Licensing Agreement
    (sign and return)
  • Training checklist
    (complete and return)
  • Technical questionnaire
    (complete and return)
  • Technical summary sheet

6 weeks prior to migration

3. Email to confirm user identifications

A user ID will be sent to companies who need to update their User ID’s with LexisNexis®

Within 6 weeks prior to migration


4. Email following-up post training

1 week after your training

5. LexisNexis® Butterworths Online switch off pre-notification

4 weeks after your training

6. Email advising of Butterworths Online switch off

7 weeks after your training

Questionnaire to make sure LexisNexis® is meeting your needs


There is no cost involved in receiving this material. We will ensure you are well informed and assisted throughout the migration process to LexisNexis® NZ.

Contact us on 0800 800 986 if you have any queries or need assistance.