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LexisNexis® New Zealand publications that will be available online at launch:

Abbott and Thompson District Courts Practice Criminal

Hinde McMorland and Sim Land Law in New Zealand

Personal Grievances

Adams Land Transfer

Law of Trusts

Sim’s Court Practice

Butterworths Commercial Law in New Zealand

LexisNexis® Local Government

Status Annual Acts

Butterworths Current Law

Mazengarb’s Employment Law

Status Annual Regulations

Child Offenders Manual

Morison’s Company Law

Status Compendium

Company and Securities Law Bulletin

Morison’s Security Law

Status Court of Appeal Judgments

Conveyancing Bulletin

New Zealand Administrative Reports

Status Employment Judgments

Copyright and Design

New Zealand Case Citator

Status Offences and Penalties

Cross on Evidence

New Zealand Criminal Cases

Status Privy Council Judgments

District Courts Practice Civil

New Zealand Family Law Journal

Status Regulations

District Court Reports

New Zealand Family Law Reports

Status Statutes

Garrow and Turkington's Criminal Law

New Zealand Family Law Service

Tax Reports Archive

Electronic Business and Technology Law

New Zealand Forms and Precedents

Technology Law Forum

Employment Law Bulletin

New Zealand Law Reports

The Laws of New Zealand

Fisher on Matrimonial and Relationship Property

New Zealand Procedural Cases

Transport Law

Hall's Sentencing

New Zealand Resource Management Appeals

Wills and Succession

Linxplus available first half 2005.