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Minimum System Requirements


Pentium/100Mhz (or above)

32 MB (64 MB recommended)

Connection Methods

Modem speed: 56k or above (ISDN, ADSL or cable modem)

LAN Connection
LAN (Local Area Network) TCPIP connection (also known as a TelNet connection) with at least a T1 connect speed


Browser Versions

Microsoft Internet Explorer (for Windows) version 6.0 and above (pc)
Netscape Navigator version 7.1 and above
Microsoft Internet Explorer (for Macs) 5.2.3 recommended

Note: For fastest performance, enable the HTTP 1.1 protocol in your browser's advanced settings.

Cookies and Javascript
You must have cookies and Javascript enabled in order to effectively use the system. Refer to your browser's help system for more information on enabling cookies.

Computer Screen Resolution
For optimal viewing, please set your computer screen resolution to 800 by 600dpi (dots per inch). You can chnage these settings in your computer's display panel.