Complimentary ON-DEMAND Webinar: ESG, Operation and Business Resiliency - An International Viewpoint

13 July 2022 12:42

LexisNexis® and Archer would like to invite you to our complimentary, on-demand webinar: ESG and Operation & Business Resiliency – An International Viewpoint.

In this webinar, hosts Michael Nelson, Senior Product Specialist, LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance and Gerald Nunez, Senior ESG Specialist, Archer Asia-Pacific, will discuss the following topics:

  • What is ESG and how is it influencing the way organisations are developing their strategies for it?
  • What are the key factors impacting policymakers here in Australia and across the UK, USA?
  • How does the LexisNexis ESG obligations register cover your compliance requirements?
  • Using the Archer system to demonstrate your organisation's commitment to managing and reporting on ESG compliance risks.

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