ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Planning for RegChange and the CoFI Regime

20 June 2023 03:53

It’s been announced that the CoFI (Conduct of Financial Institutions) Regime will go into force in 2025, but New Zealand regulators are already starting to focus on how financial lenders, insurance brokers and non-bank deposit takers conduct business. These organisations will need to fall in line and prove that their business practices are compliant, and their Fair Conduct Programme is in place.

In this webinar: your hosts Michael Nelson, Senior Product Specialist, LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance and Leo Arouca, General Manager, CGR, will cover what’s on the legislative horizon for financial service providers, what to be across to keep regulators happy and how to report you're compliant when they come calling.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • CoFI roadmap & licensing rules in New Zealand
  • Provide an overview of a Fair Conduct Programme
  • Deep-dive into how Regulatory Compliance alerts and compliance registers help you stay ahead of the regulators and deliver comprehensive reports through the CGR platform

This session’s key takeaways will include how to effectively monitor the regulatory landscape relevant to you, while maximising the effect of your risk program to keep you on a clear path to compliance.