FREE WEBINAR: SOCI, cyber and modern slavery: Navigating vendor risk challenges

20 June 2023 07:01

As organisations become more connected, mitigating vendor risk becomes increasingly challenging. You need to navigate intricate legal landscapes while relying on third parties to ensure smooth business operations. This can exponentially expose you to vendor risk.

Join Michael Nelson, Kieran Seed from LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance and Michael Howell from Protecht for this free webinar as they discuss the signs to look out for when engaging with vendors, and the critical processes you need to deliver a strong vendor risk framework.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • What ‘vendor risk’ is, and how the compliance management function closely connects with vendor management and vendor risk management;
  • How the SOCI risk management rules relate to vendor risk management, and what cyber security framework-covered entities are expected to meet;
  • How your vendors manage threats, and ways you can be prepared by understanding the regulatory environment and third-party governance

This session’s key takeaways will include how to effectively monitor the regulatory landscape relevant to you while maximising the effect of your risk program to keep you on a clear path to compliance.