On-Demand Webinar: Galvanising the G in ESG

01 May 2023 04:10

The exponential rise in ESG and sustainability interests and investments has overwhelmed many organisations, governments, and regulators. Everyone seems to have a “green”, or “sustainable” product, or initiative with insufficient guidance, or regulation.

As the pace of regulatory change accelerates, legislators and regulators are playing catch-up with previously unseen levels of co-operation across political parties, governing bodies, and nations. The governance that has long been assumed is now in the process of being defined and solidified.

Please join Michael Nelson, Senior Product Specialist at LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance, and Gerald Nunez, ESG Specialist at Archer IRM, as they discuss:

  • The current and ever-changing ESG landscape and the potential impacts on your business
  • Greenwashing from a risk standpoint with CPG 229 and ASIC INFO 170
  • Steps to safeguard your organisation with best practices in your ESG risk and compliance programme