Employment Law Bulletin

Employment Law Bulletin

The Employment Law Bulletin keeps you up to date with the latest developments in employment law and is a must for any practitioner or professional dealing with employment law issues. The Bulletin is highly regarded among practitioners and stakeholders in the employment field, including the Courts. Each issue contains articles giving expert practical analysis on the most current and relevant issues in employment law, Q & As with leaders in the employment law field, as well as case notes on key employment decisions.

General Editor Susan Hornsby-Geluk, one of New Zealand’s leading employment lawyers, directs the Employment Law Bulletin content and ensures a practical focus.

Authors & Editors

General Editor: Susan Hornsby-Geluk, Managing Partner of Dundas Street Employment Lawyers
Editorial Board: Former Chief Judge Graeme Colgan, Kathryn Dalziel, Geoff Davenport, Alastair Espie, Michael Leggat, Jack Rainbow, Megan Richards, Mere King and Simon Schofield

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Ideal for
Solicitors and Barristers practising employment law, unions, employer associations, employment advocates, law libraries, university libraries, public libraries, companies, HR professionals

Publication category
Newsletter subscription – Six issues per year


  • Stay ahead with cutting edge insights on current and emerging issues in employment law.
  • Practical analysis of the latest developments from leaders in the field.
  • Expert comment on key employment cases and their implications.
  • Six themed issues per year.
  • Subscribe on Advance and get the full back catalogue of issues spanning over 20 years.
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Employment Law Bulletin

29 May 2023 06:48

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