Susan Robson

Barrister (PhD, BA, LLB)

Area of expertise

Employment Law


Doctor of Laws (Otago), Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts

About Susan

As a barrister Susan specialised in employment and public law investigations, inquiries and disputes. She began her legal career in 1978 and held the following positions: chief legal adviser with the Commerce Commission; specialist assessor (civil litigation) of the Legal Services Agency; chair of the Social Security Appeal Authority and of the Complaints Review Tribunal and member of the Employment Relations Authority.

She is the originating author of two online texts: Family Law and Employment Law (Lexis Nexis) and hard copy Laws of NZ texts on gambling and lawyers and conveyancers.

Her doctoral thesis concerned the NZ employment jurisdiction from 1990-2008, and the effect of the introduction of the legal profession to the jurisdiction in 1991.