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LexisNexis® Quick Law*
LexisNexis Quicklaw Full Service puts timesaving research tools and tailored legal content at your fingertips - delivered by the most powerful online search engine in Canada.

QuickCITE™ Case Citator*
Quickly validate the authority of your case with QuickCITE Case Citator, with over 1 million unique cases and nearly 3 million individual treatment relationships. Use QuickCITE™ Statute Citator to validate legislation and find the most current revision of statutes in every Canadian jurisdiction.

Key titles
  • Halsbury's Laws of Canada
  • Canadian Forms & Precedents
Recommended books
  • A Practical Guide to Outsourcing Agreements
  • Bypass Court - A Dispute Resolution Handbook
  • Canadian Federal Courts Practice
  • Commercial Insolvency in Canada
  • E-Discovery in Canada
  • International Taxation in Canada
  • Canadian Digests
  • Legal Protection of Software - Patents and Trademarks
  • The Law of ADR in Canada - An Introductory Guide

Lexis Practice Advisor Canada
Practical guidance on Insolvency & Restructuring, Corporate and Intellectual Property and Technology is a practical online resource that provides market standard tools for transactional matters.

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